Let me introduce myself.

My name is Manuel Del Valle but my name onboard the Seakarus is "Manny". I'm born and raised on island and I'm lucky to have the Caribbean Sea as my office. My sidekick Cliffy is the fish whisperer. He's fished his whole life and makes sure we put you on fish and give you the opportunity to "catch da big one." We give our all and try to make your time with us on our mobile office the best day on Ambergris Caye. Onboard the Seakarus we can assist by providing our private charter boat for a variety of tours. From snorkeling, fishing to bar hopping, we ensure that our boat is reserved just for your party.

The most popular tour we provide is THE SURVIVOR TOUR. This particular tour consists of all our activities. We begin the day by catching live bait - sardines. Snapper, Groupers, Barracudas and Jacks love live sardines! We'll fish for those until we catch enough for lunch. We then put on our snorkel gear and hunt the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world for conch to make fresh ceviche. Now that the appetizer is taken care of, we grab the Hawaiian slings to spear lobster and crab for the main course but if u see a lion fish or a big Cubera snapper you can spear those too. Whatever we catch, we'll coast to a private beach and as you relax under a coconut tree, we bbq the fresh catch and then serve it with some potatoes, beans, corn, tortillas and a side of Belizean Rum Punch. This particular tour is $450.00 US for 2 to 3 persons or $125.00 when its 4 or more persons. On our more spacious boat, The Fishizzle, the price point is $150.00 US per person but with a minimum of 6 persons.